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SG1   Shots and Locks
SDSet   Single Double Ball Set
THE012S   Sliver picks
SWCUFFS   Smith and Wesson Handcuffs Model 100
1   Snake rake
R1NH15   Snake Rake .015
BK1   Sparrows Bump Keys
SDIAL   Sparrows Challenge VAULT
TMCHALL   Sparrows Challenger
DoubleTap   Sparrows Double Tap Snap Gun
Logo3dRed   Sparrows large 3D patch
SB   Sparrows Lock Busters
casemini   Sparrows mini hard Case
NightSchool   Sparrows Night School
linknoir   Sparrows No Logo Noir Uncuff Link
UncuffB   Sparrows No Logo Silver Uncuff Link
SAmerican   SPARROWS Padlock ByPass Driver
SparrowsMat   Sparrows Pinning Mat 2.0
Jim   Sparrows Quick Jim
QS   Sparrows Quick Shims
SShank   Sparrows SHANK
QSTNCL   Sparrows Stencil
link   Sparrows UNCUFF LINK
Ward   Sparrows Warded Pick Set
SPHEREADD   Sphere with Cylinder lock
SPRING   Springs
SSDEV15   SSDeV HOOKS out of .015
Jset012   SSDeV Hooks with Thermal Handles
stC   St. Chaos
N10   Standard Needles
CutAwayStandard   Standard pin Cut away Lock
Jset040   Standard Tweezers 120mm
5   Steep Hook
R5NH15   Steep Hook 0.015
SH20   Steep Hook 20
STNEED   Street Needle
BKFull   Super Bump Key Set
Jset056   Super Bump Key Set
S10   Tension Set
new7789   Tension Wheel
Jset051   Tension Wheel Brass Finish
Test01   Test Product
Test   TestProduct
SClassic   The Classic Set
S4   The Competitor
Dpatch   The Dark Shift patch
EOD   THE EOD - Full
GOAT   The Goat Wrench
S2   The Grad 2.0
GUT   The Gut Wrench
KMLPSET   The Kirigami lock pick set
QLNGSHOT   The Long Shot
Man   The Mantis
MP5   The Matador
NGTCRWL   The Night Crawler
KRANGER   The Ranger Set
REV   The Revolver
Sand   The Sandman
SandmanD   The Sandman
KILTAR   The Sceptre
KILTARADD   The Sceptre with Cylinder lock
Monstrum   The Sparrows Monstrum
SSpirit   The Spirit Set
SSDEV   The SSDeV Hooks
UnderDoor   The Stretcher Under Door Tool
Tux1   The Tuxedo Set
Vorax   The Vorax
new1   The Warlock
SPRFX   Tie Breaker Pin
TIGPATCH   Tiger Patch
TRAVEL2   Travelers hook
TRAVEL3   Travelers hook
Travel   Travelers hooks
9   Triple Peak
TP2   Triple peak 20
MP6   Tron
DISCT   Tubular pick
Tux   Tuxedo Case
RTUXCB   Tuxedo Case Black
RTUXCC   Tuxedo Case Coyote
RTUXCG   Tuxedo Case Green
RTUXGREY   Tuxedo Case Grey
TuxR   Tuxedo Royale
Jset038   Tuxedo Royale Black Case
Jset039   Tuxedo Royale Coyote Case
JSet001   Tuxedo Set - with Black Case
Jset057   Tuxedo Set BLACK case
TUXBLKCLEAR   Tuxedo Set BLACK case & Clear Lock
Jset059   Tuxedo Set BLACK case & Cut-Away Lock
JSET002   Tuxedo Set Coyote Case
Jset058   Tuxedo Set COYOTE Case
TUXCOYCLEAR   Tuxedo Set COYOTE case & Clear Lock
Jset060   Tuxedo Set COYOTE Case & Cut-Away Lock
Jset041   Tweezers 99mm
8   Twin Peak
twin20   Twin peak .020
R8NH15   Twin Peak 0.015
R8H   Twin Peak With Handle .025
SUltraDecoder   ULTRA Decoder
Jset007   Universal Black Plastic Handcuff Key
Jset009   Universal Coyote Plastic Hand Cuff Key
Jset008   Universal Green Plastic Handcuff Key
CuffKey   Universal Handcuff Key
SPRHCKEY   Universal Handcuff key
OCEANS   Vegas Lock Pick Set
Vcase   VORAX Case
wafer   Wafer Picks By Sparrows
WAFERBLK   Wafer Set Stone wash Black
ww2   Warded & Wafer pick Set with Case
WAVE20   Wave rake .020
WAVE15   Wave rakes .015
WAVE   Wave rakes with handles
WAVE25NH   Wicked Waves no handles
Jset045   Wizwazzle set with Black Sherman Case
Jset046   Wizwazzle Set with Monstrum Case
Jset047   Wizwazzle Set With Vorax Case
S9   Wizwazzle Set.
10   Worm Rake
R10NH15   Worm Rake .015
R10NH20   Worm Rake .020

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