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American Made 301 Cold MAX Stainless Steel
For all our lock picks we use a special type of American made 301 Cold Max stainless steel. This steel is designed for special applications requiring extreme strength and hardness. With a tensile strength averaging 280,000 PSI it exceeds the requirements needed for any lock pick. This also goes beyond our lock picks, master switch, slim jim, mini jim, coffin keys, jigglers, flat tension bars and many other tools are made from this steel.

This steel really is overkill but we love making quality tools.

We are often asked if this is the very best steel available on the market. The answer is no, the steel market is full of different materials for aerospace, automotive and commercial applications and we do have the equipment to punch it out but it really is not worth it. To increase the strength of the steel even marginally you will almost double the final product cost and for this application it would impossible to notice the difference.

We have asked the manufacturer how they get the steel stronger than the standard 301 stainless and they are a bit guarded about the secret but we do know is has something do with how they roll it as the steel cools down.