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"At the Amsterdam Toool meeting I tried to pick a rather difficult lock. It had a nasty, narrow zig-zag keyway. I tried for 15 minutes to pick that lock without success. Jos Weyers then showed me the sparrows set, and I just took one hook and tried it on the lock. It was instant love. The design of the pick was perfect: slim and strong. The material had an excellent feel and feedback. What I liked most what the strength of the material. It just has the right stiffness for a lockpick, something I rarely encounter. The lock opened 2 minutes later, and I was full of compliments about the picks. And no, I do not get commission for this comment. They are just awesome picks at a very good price."

-Barry Wels, Lock-Experts.Com (and founder / president of, the first international locksport organisation).
"SPARROWS' lock picks provide a phenomenal value for both newbie and experienced picker alike.
From raking and jiggling to single-pin lifting, we have found their picks to be durable through even
the most unforgiving pressure while being incredibly thin for this respective strength. Certainly not least of
all, the various pick shapes and available profiles are useful for nearly any pin tumbler or wafer lock a
picker could encounter."

- FALE Association of Locksport Enthusiasts
"I have been using Sparrows picks and tension bars for the last year and have been a professional locksmith for the past 16 years. I have nothing but great things to say about their picks. The metal will take a beating without bending, even on high security locks. The handles are comfortable yet still give great feedback. The tension bars are amazing, you will not find a lock that one of their tension bars will not work on. I get a lot of messages on YouTube asking me what set aspiring pickers should start with and I tell them any of the Sparrows starter sets with an emphasis on the Spirit set because of all the hooks. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!!"
-KokomoLock, Professional Locksmith 16 Years
“Defiantly a nice set I highly recommend it, you can definitely tell it was deigned by a picker for pickers.”

-Kizza8484, Skilled Lock Picker

“Very impressed with the steel used for the picks.
It comes in at 0.025" which is probably aimed more at the American market. However it fitted in a Yale keyway without snagging and some unmarked euros.
I didn’t pussy foot around with it and gave it a good workout. The steel didn’t bend one bit and the shape of the blade with the extra taper towards the handle end makes it a very strong pick indeed. I would prefer some handles as it can be a bit sore on the old pinkies after continuous use but that is only my preference...”

-Darkhorse, DBC-Locksmith Forum Moderator - (Handles are now an option Darkhorse - SPARROWS)

" supports a very specialized governmental customer base. While offering more sophisticated defeat tools, we also answer the demand from our customers for more traditional lock picking tools. We selected Sparrows lock picks among other top shelf manufacturers because our customers expect the highest quality. Whether we are teaching restricted classes at our Virginia training facility or general locksmithing classes in Nicholasville, Kentucky, we regularly recommend Sparrows hand picks and mechanical pick guns. Students love the solid feel of the picks and appreciate the selection of cases, as well as the superb product finish. Sparrows customer service is excellent; they are easy to get a hold of and quickly solve any problems that come up." Staff

I have nothing but good things to say about the quality and craftsmanship of your products. Please know they are being used by real-world professionals as situations require.

- Agent US Department of Homeland Security

"Sparrows lock picks are the highest quality lockpicks I have encountered in all my years of lockpicking".

- Koen D


Sparrows Lock Picks works with industry professionals to design some of the most reliable lock picks on the market.