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Monkey Paw expansion .025
Monkey Paw expansion .025
Our Price: $14.95


MONKEY PAW = WISH'S ..... Someone wished for more Monkey Paws.

This collection of three lock picks is an expansion set for the Original Monkey paw. The original Monkey paws powers are so devastating that we have pushed further into the Dark Arts of Lock picking by bringing you Three more Monkey Paws. Remember the Darkness chooses you ....... give in.

This set of three lock picks will give you two that are higher than the Original Monkey Paw and one that is lower.

All of these lock picks are cut from .025 steel


For those of you who are completely confused with the product description.

A Monkey's Paw talisman takes the form of a preserved monkey's paw, typically with three or more fingers. It is believed to have originated from a mystical primate or a cursed monkey and is the focus of a book written in 1902 by W.W. Jacobs " Monkey's Paw". The talisman is known for its ability to grant wishes, but with a significant and often malevolent twist. SPARROWS ASSUMES NO REPONSABILTY FOR ANY UNINTENDED MALEVOLENT TWISTS.

When a person possesses the Monkey's Paw talisman, they have the ability to make three wishes. However, each wish comes with an unforeseen consequence that may be unintended or twisted in nature. The paw's magic tends to manipulate the wish in a way that ultimately results in tragedy or despair for the user. This cruel twist is often a lesson in the dangers of tampering with fate and the unintended consequences of one's desires. ...... but you should be ok and in no way does SPARROWS want for this to to persuade you from purchasing several Monkey Paws. Its Like Chat AI, you need to be specific with your wish's.

For instance, if a person wishes for a substantial sum of money, the Monkey's Paw may grant the wish by causing the death of a loved one and providing an inheritance as the source of the wealth. Alternatively, if someone wishes for eternal youth, they might find themselves eternally trapped in an aging, rotting body. The Monkey's Paw's magic is known for finding the most tragic and twisted path to fulfill the wish, highlighting the perils of greed and the balance of cosmic justice..... so be specific but remember it does get the job done. So you may be cursed for life but it does work.

The Monkey's Paw talisman should serve as a cautionary symbol, reminding people of the dangers of seeking power or attempting to alter their destiny without considering the consequences. Its dark magic leaves a lasting impact on those who dare to use it, serving as a reminder of the fragile nature of human desires and the price one may pay for seeking to manipulate the supernatural forces of the world..... but again a really good lock pick.

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