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Wave rake .020
Wave rake .020
Our Price: $19.00


This four-piece set of computer-generated lock picks made from .020 steel seek to produce the most accurate raking wave possible for the widest selection of locks. This set covers the most popular cycloid and sinusoid patterns that were developed by Christina Palmer and a group of lock picking enthusiasts.

The Cycloid rakes have a sharp peak similar to a triple peak rake while the sinusoid rake is similar to a worm rake with softer peaks. These picks come in two size variations of Quad and Quint for larger and smaller keyways respectively.

Cycloid= Wavy to a sharp point

Sinusoid= Wavy but more curved at the top of the wave.

Because of the pointy nature of the Cycloid picks go easy on any sawing action.

We also have these in a .025 and a .015